Our History

Board of Directors 2020
Steve Booma, President
Mary Koss, Secretary
Carl Kraus, Treasurer
Cynthia Bergren
Sue Birk
Bob Cole
Fred Goldsmith
Don Hutton
Jill Mikes
LaRee Moody
Susan Rodgers
Jayne Evans, Ex Officio


Early in 2013, Greg Tunis, then President of the Board of Directors of The Plantation at Ponte Vedra, asked Plantation owners Sandy Cook, Judy Haberkorn and Toby Smith to lead a task force to assess the feasibility of creating a Foundation for The Plantation community to benefit its employees and their families.

After a period of investigation and evaluation, the framework of The Plantation Foundation, Inc. took shape, and the accompanying legal work to create a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation was undertaken under the guidance of Toby Smith and John Marchese.  

The first Board of Directors began work in early 2014 and was comprised of: 
Sandy Cook, President 
Jenny Carney
Cammie Disston (Plantation Board liaison)
Paula Liang
Jim Pope
Toby Smith
Anita Taylor
Terry Williams

The Foundation awarded its first scholarships in late 2013 for the Spring 2014 school term.  In the ensuing years, many scholars have been supported in their educations with grants and mentoring.
During the early years - 2013 - 2016 - five different free musical events were offered to The Plantation community as a  way of promoting and educating the membership about the Foundation and as a 'Thank You' to the donors.  In addition and thereafter, a fundraising campaign has been conducted by mail in the fall of each year.  In the fall of 2017 for the first time, the Foundation sponsored Bark in the Park, a friend-sharing event for all Plantation families. 
The current Foundation Board of Directors can be found on the side of this page.  Other Plantation owners who have served on the Foundation Board are: 

Jonathan Coles
Barbara Gartland
Jim Giraldin
Maria Madaffari
Tom McAndrews
Matt Meagher
Mary Murphy
Elsa Priestley
Andy Sharkey

Beginning in 2017 under the leadership of Susan Birk, the internal organizational structure and operational systems of the Foundation were further refined.  The Foundation continues to operate with the highest efficiency and integrity as it relates to our scholars as well as our donors.  

We are continually indebted to our Plantation neighbors for their loyalty and generous monetary support. Because of you, we can continue to fulfill our mission - to encourage the employees and family members of The Plantation at Ponte Vedra to achieve their academic aspirations by providing mentorship and financial support.