Foundation Scholars

Board of Directors 2019
Susan Birk, President
Mary Koss, Secretary
Jim Giraldin, Treasurer
Steve Booma
Bob Cole
Barbara Gartland
Don Hutton
Carl Kraus
Jill Mikes
LaRee Moody
Susan Rodgers
Jayne Evans, Ex Officio


Kayla Bulik (daughter of Joe Bulik, Grounds Supervisor)
Kayla is pursuing a degree in Criminology at UNF.
Samantha Brown (daughter of Andy Brown, Asst. Golf Course Superintendent)
Sammy attends FSCJ studying Elementary Education.
  Ian Carpenter (Food & Beverage)
Ian is at FSCJ working toward a degree in Zoology.
Jessica Chamberland (Manager, Food & Beverage)
Jessica is pursuing a master's degree in Accounting at UNF.
Matt Dawson (Server)
Matt is studying Marketing and Business Management at UNF.
Cody Galvin (Beach House Staff)
Cody is pursuing a degree in Emergency Medical Services at FSCJ.
Ryan Lark (Server)
Ryan is working toward a career in Dentistry and studies at The University of Florida.
  Anthony Regan (Beach House/Lifeguard)
Anthony attends Florida State University and is pursuing a career in the medical field. 
Abigail Smith (daughter of Daniel Smith, Groundskeeper)
Abby is at Florida Gulf Coast University studying Environmental Studies.
Adeline Schlingmann (daughter of Rob Schlingmann, General Manager)

Addie, a student at the University of Vermont in Global Studies, hopes to join the Peace Corps someday.

Hunter Simes (Server)

Hunter attends UNF and is studying in the Biomedical Sciences field.

  Francesca Vandersluis (Server)
Francesca is completing her studies in Advertising and Communications at UNF. 


The Plantation Foundation awarded its first scholarships in November 2013.  Since then, many of our award winners have completed undergraduate degrees and are pursuing further education or busy starting a career.  We wish all of them much success.

Kayla Bentz
Kelly Cason
Sarah DeBellis
Justin DeJarnette
Abby Escano
Alex Fechtel
Sydney Fechtel
Rhett Franklin
Emilia Hakansson 
Mike Hubbard
Tiffany Ibanez
Jeff Lukas

Jessica Madden
Nick Malone
Alyssia Molina
Juliana Roldan
Kyle Sanland
Kailee Schnabele
Kristian Sipos
Ashley Small
Olivia Suddarth
Sherry Turner
Amber Vachon
Arina Yakotseva
Cole Younger